Twisted Tables

The “Twisted Tables” are part of the Twisted collection, in addition to the successful “Twisted Lights”. Inspired by the material, namely bendable plywood, Erwin experimented creating interesting organic forms. The forming capabilities of this material are endless, when properly processed. The flexibility of the material invites to make organic and playful forms.

The tabletops are made based on the same technique as the “Twisted Lights”. The organic shaped heart of the table determines the wrapping of the bend plywood. The form of the hart differs per table, resulting in unpredictable lines, which makes every table unique. The matching table legs, which have been especially designed for the tables, finish the table. These table legs with extra matte finish are available in different colours. And not irrelevant to mention: the table legs are adjustable, so the tables will always be stable.

The series “Twisted Tables” consists of different models: dining table, bar table, side table and matching seats.

Photography: Sam in Stijl