Twisted Lights

The series “Twisted Lights” was the start of the Twisted collection. Inspired by the material, namely bendable plywood, Erwin experimented creating interesting organic forms. The forming capabilities of this material are endless, when properly processed. The flexibility of the material invites to make organic and playful forms.

The creation of each light starts with the top shape, the heart of the lamp. The bend plywood is wrapped around this shape. The light grows wrapping step-by-step, following the natural bend of the material. In advance cannot be determined what form eventually will come out. Since the material is leading and the lights are handmade, each light is unique.

It is characteristic for the ‘Twisted Lights’ is that they are an art object and functional product in one. Its shape, in all its versatility, fascinates that you keep looking at the lights. However, when the lights turn on, the functional nature of the lamp will be revealed.  The beautiful lamps fill the room with pretty and warm light.

Photography: Sam in Stijl