Fascinated by Birds flying, Erwin Zwiers has translated the V-shaped archetype of a bird drawing into a clear and transparent lightning product called Manu. The expressive angle of Manu can be adjusted to the user’s wishes.

This interaction is facilitated by the inviting thumbscrew in the middle. The Manu shows all its assembly elements with pride, telling a clear production story.

The name Manu comes from the Māori language. The Māori believe flying animals as birds to have a spiritual connection with the gods. The word Manu translates as “any winged creature” and “kite”.

Manu’s base is made from oak. The wings attached are matte powder-coated steel. The wings come in different colours, which reflect the light differently.



  • Size: 87cm x 12cm x 5,5cm
  • Light source: LED


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