This table is part of the “Leave your shape behind collection”. The beach is the great inspiration of this collection. The sand has a strong attraction to young and old. Conscious or subconscious one is stimulated to touch, form or play with the sand.


The Claytable is part of “Leave your shape behind collection”.

Erwin invites us to leave our traces at his table that is inspired by the beach and proves that life is full of marks!  Inspired by the relaxing playfulness of the beach life and gives us some interesting furniture. The beach is one of the fewest places where trails from humans and animals are left behind into the sand, what makes them visible. The Claytable is a translation for leaving trails behind. The softness of the surface of clay makes the Claytable perfect to play and shape and therefore evolve.

The attractiveness of the surface of clay works for both children and adults. All tend to touch the clay and play with it. The claytable is designed in order to be an ideal product for public spaces, for example waiting rooms/rooms to play in hospitals, schools and nurseries, or brainstorm areas in companies. Furthermore, the Claytable could be used for children and adults with mental of physical limitations to stimulate different senses.

Dimensions : 1600 X 800 X 750 mm ( L X B X H )
Material: Aluminium and clay